Bequette – Ribault House

I’m quite interested in this house.  Not only because it is quaint, beautiful, stunning, and a great example of “poteaux en terre” construction, but also because Paschal Bequette might be a grandson of the builder.   The house is on St Mary’s Road, which you can see to the left of the  house in this photo.  You can also see “Le Grand Champ” in the background. 

The Bequette – Ribault house on St. Mary’s Road, “poteaux en terre” construction, built in 1789.

The feds got off cheap.

Rafters in the Bequette - Ribault house.

"Poteaux en terre" means "posts in the ground." These are some posts! No wonder they've lasted for 225 years!

The house in 1936, from the HABS photo collection.

More information about this house:  Dr. Elizabeth Scott’s site (scroll way down) includes a picture of Le Grand Champ;   something really technical from the Society for Historical Architecture;  the HABS (Historic American Buildings Survey) file on this building at the Library of Congress site has lots of photos, from various years; to see it, go to the LoC  American Memory section and search for HABS MO 1114.


4 Responses to Bequette – Ribault House

  1. Penny Schultz says:

    Well I certainly had never heard of “poteaux en terre” but did recognize the french words. I love the shot of the posts…so sturdy and built to last ( our dads would have liked that!)

  2. Do you know what kind of wood the posts are made from?

    • nspwis says:

      The posts were either cedar or mulberry, apparently these are quite rot-resistant and they are native to the region. Some of these buildings have been dated by dendrochronology (tree ring dating). There’s some controversy about the dates assigned using this method as cedar doesn’t necessarily follow the same pattern of laying down one ring per year as other species.

  3. Eugene Beckett says:

    The Paschal Bequette that married Elizabeth Piety Dodge was the son of the Builder of the Bequette House in Ste. Genevieve, MO. The house has cedar logs

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