Bogy house

Built about 1810 by Joseph Bogy.

This house is on Merchant street – we walked by it many times and didn’t pay much attention to it — the more unusual French Creole buildings caught our eye, before this one.  But, in any other setting, this would stand out as a historic building.  It’s at least two hundred years old, it’s well preserved, and it was built and lived in by a prominent family.

Although I haven’t found any direct evidence that the Bogys interacted with the Dodges, given the time period and the fact that both Joseph Bogy and his son, Lewis, were prominent businessmen and politicians in Ste Genevieve, they must have done.

Joseph Bogy, the builder of the house, was born in Kaskaskia and moved to Ste Genevieve in 1805.  He was a member of the General Assembly of Missouri Territory in 1816, other members at that time were Stephen F. Austin and John McArthur.  Joseph Bogy was elected to the state Senate in 1822; Missouri became a state the previous year. 

In addition to a career in law and politics, Joseph’s son, Lewis Bogy was a volunteer in the Black Hawk war!


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