Felix Valle house

The Felix Valle house is now a state historic site which includes the Dr. Benjamin Shaw house and the Bauvais- Amoureaux houses.  The Valle and Shaw houses are right next to each other and open for tours every day, so of course we took one.  Our tour guide, Kate, was great — very energetic and enthused about the buildings and their history.  She was researching three small, distinctive, chairs which she thought might be “Tuttle” chairs.  They were in the upstairs storage space, right behind the red door next to the shutter of the second story window in the photo below.  I took the photo the day after we took the tour — when we toured, the little doors on both ends of the building were open, providing a nice cross breeze, which was their original purpose.

Now a State Historic Site and open for tours, this federal syle house was built in 1818 by Jacob Philipson.

The door on the right led to the store of Menard & Valle; the door on the left to the Valle's home.

The west side of the Valle house and the small building behind it.

The outbuilding in 1986, from the other (east) side, from the HABS collection, which identifies them as slave quarters.

The same buildings in 1936, from the HABS collection.


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