Green Tree Tavern

Also known as the Janis – Ziegler house, the Green Tree Tavern was built about 1790.

On our first day in Ste. Genevieve, we discovered the Green Tree Tavern and the marker in the park across St. Mary’s Road and Gabouri Creek, commemorating Louisiana Lodge No. 109.  Much to our surprise, we recognized the names of several of the lodge’s founders.  Apparently, Israel Dodge, Henry’s father, was also a Mason.  Louis Pelzer’s biography of Henry Dodge has an interesting story about how the Masonic handshake saved Israel’s life (or at least his cargo of “Flour, bacon and spirits” headed down the Mississippi for New Orleans.

Monument commemorating Louisiana Lodge No. 109, the first Masonic lodge west of the Mississippi, which met in the Green Tree Tavern. Founders include Henry Dodge and several of his relatives and associates.

There’s lots on the Internet about this building, including more photos and more about the people who built it.  Waymarking has an interesting entry and a website about an archaeological field school in 2008 has even more extensive information.

We’re not sure where the “C” comes from, in Henry C. Dodge.  A brochure we picked up later, about Louisiana Lodge No. 109, makes it clear that “their” founding member is the same person as “our” Henry Dodge, later the governor of WI Territory, even though “our” Dodge’s full name was Moses Henry Dodge.

Other names we recognized: Stephen F. Austin, James Clark, Josiah Dodge, Ezekiel Fenwick, Lewis F. Linn, John McArthur, Andrew Scott, John Smith T, and Francois Valle II.

Brochure about Louisiana Lodge No. 109



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  1. Cole Hale Heymer says:

    Fascinating stories! July 2014 was my trip on the Great River Road with an emphasis on learning about the early French colonization, New France and Spanish control of the Illinois Country. I found that ancestors of mine are the Tesserot, Tessereau, or Tesreau in Missouri. I would like to connect my family line and am researching and learning. Thanks so much for this wonderful & informative site!

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