Hannibal, MO

Hannibal is more fudge-shop tourism than historic tourism – a barefoot, straw-hatted, fish pole carryin’ Tom Sawyer and a beribboned Becky Thatcher show up at pre-arranged times for photo ops.  We stayed long enough to take some pictures of the Pilaster House, which caught our eye.

You can see Tom -- or is it Huck -- in his straw hat, walking away from the building.

I wonder if this is an effective fund raising technique? Click on the photo for a more readable size.

Loud, "cheerful", music was piped throughout.

The wavy eaves line is NOT due to camera distortion.


1 Response to Hannibal, MO

  1. Penny Schultz says:

    Great way to show photos with your impressions or comments! Did a great job!

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