Inn St Gemme Beauvais

Another one where we neglected to take a photo while we were there, so I got the picture of the exterior off their website.

We spent the first five nights of the trip in the tent — the camping was great and by Sunday afternoon, we had the park almost to ourselves.  Just us and the hoot owls, the tree frogs, and the full moon — perfect!  The weather cooperated until Wednesday morning, when we woke up to the sound of rain on the tent.  Before we left Mineral Point, we had decided to have at least one night in a B&B and the rain decided it — Wednesday was the night.  We bundled everything that was still dry into the car, left the tent set up, hopefully to dry out, and found an inn in Ste Genevieve.

The Inn St Gemme Beauvais was a good choice.  (One of our fellow guests thought it was the Inn Saint Jimmy but I’m quite sure that’s not how the locals say it.)  They had a disastrous fire in 2008 that gutted the place, but the owners have since restored it, thank goodness.  If you’re looking for a really nice place to stay when you go to Ste G, consider this one.  Check out their website.  Janet, the very comfortable innkeeper, serves wine at 5:00 and a scrumptious full breakfast whenever you want it.

We went back to the park on Thursday to retrieve the tent — which actually did dry out in the meantime.

Built in 1848 by Felix Rozier - too late for a Dodge connection -- I guess we were the Dodge connection.

Our room before the books, notes, and computer took over.


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