John McArthur house

 This was an exciting discovery.  By chance, we met Jim Baker, site director of the Felix Valle Historic Site — he was in his car, on his way somewhere else, but graciously put his plans on hold while we told him about our search for Henry Dodge.  He told us that this house had been the home of John McArthur, brother-in-law of Henry.  (McArthur was married to Dodge’s half-sister, Mary Linn.) 

The John McArthur house, also known as the Ratte Lebruyere-Hoffman house, built in 1784.

This house is just across the drive from the Moses Austin building.  We were interested in it even before we knew of the Dodge connection, because it is obviously undergoing extensive restoration, and because of the double porches.  After we took this photo, we drove along a levee road, through Le Grand Champ, and on our way back, we could see the house and we commented on what a great view of the river they must have had, back in the beginning.  Then we saw a photo of it in its previous condition and realized what a huge restoration project this actually is.

John McArthur house "before"

Here’s a link to the website that has the above photo, plus more, showing the condition of the McArthur house before .  The site also has some more information about the house and its history.


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