Moses Austin building

Moses Austin and his family, including 5 year old Stephen, came to Ste Genevieve in 1798.  Moses had a substantial interest in the lead mines of the Potosi, MO area, where he built a “palatial residence”, also in 1798, that he named “Durham Hall”.  (He was originally from Durham, Connecticut.) His Ste Genevieve residence apparently was also large and imposing and built of brick; the main house was demolished in the 1800’s but one of the outbuildings still exists.  Moses’ son, Stephen, moved on from Missouri to Texas, and became known as the “Father of Texas.”

There must be dozens, if not hundreds, of Dodge – Austin connections.  One is that both Stephen Austin and Henry Dodge were founding members of Louisiana Lodge No. 109, formed at the Green Tree Tavern, which is just across Gabouri Creek, behind this building.

Part of the Moses Austin estate, probably built around 1810.


2 Responses to Moses Austin building

  1. I’m guessing Austin, Texas was named after Stephen Austin?

    • nspwis says:

      You are correct. Stephen Austin is known as the “Father of Texas” and Moses Austin is known as the “Grandfather of Texas.” Moses actually had a patent or a commission to establish a settlement in Texas but he died before he could take the settlers out there. Stephen inherited the obligation and, even though he didn’t particularly like Texas, he completed his father’s mission and ended up with all the glory.

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