Old Brick House – John Price House

We were in this building several times — partly because it had a strong Henry Dodge connection, but also because they had a great blackberry cobbler — and  free Wi-Fi!  After we got home, we couldn’t believe we hadn’t taken a picture of it.  The color photos below are from the restaurant’s website.

According to the National Register of Historic Places information about the building, it was built about 1804, for John Price.  HABS information says Price ran a ferry between Ste. Genevieve and Kaskaskia – a car ferry still operates on this route, although the original village of Kaskaskia is under the Mississippi River.  The National Register info says Henry Dodge acquired the building in 1811 and that Ferdinand Rozier bought it in 1833.  If Dodge sold it to Rozier, it was after he moved to the Lead Region.  Perhaps he kept it in case life up north didn’t work out?  There’s no indication that this was the home of the Dodge family.

John McArthur, Henry’s brother-in-law, ducked in here after he shot Auguste DeMun, in 1816.  We found a deposition regarding the shooting, in the courthouse across the street.  I transcribed the handwritten document.

The "Old Brick"

The Old Brick house in 1936 -- another photo from the HABS collection.

"Our" table was right next to this very odd stove in the Old Brick. It wasn't lit -- the temps were in the 90's the whole week we were there.

The bar at the Old Brick.


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